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Bumblebee’s vision is to continually start and grow awesome online businesses!

Our businesses have each started the same way. We’ve had a great idea - a solution to a problem - and ensured that idea could make money and sustain itself. We worked out how to best implement the idea (learning along the way of course), and how to let everyone know! Next we built up an amazing team that could grow the idea into a brand that could just do its thing!

Each of our teams work to provide design, content, development, marketing and admin support for each brand under the Bumblebee umbrella. It’s kind of like a school - each class in the school does its own thing, has its own goals and its own needs - but the school provides structure and support to make sure those goals happen and needs are taken care of!

We’ve got a pretty awesome core team of individuals working from around the globe. Meet our team here

  • Freedom & Flexibility
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Teamwork & Communication
  • Sustainability

Our Team

Spectra Baby Australia introduced the innovative Spectra breast pumps to Australia and other regions, disrupting the existing breast pump market by providing a host of new features not seen before, and at a price point just a fraction of competitors.

Sweet Beats is an Australian ecommerce site providing services to new and expecting mums. Mums can hire products such as a fetal doppler to listen to their baby’s heartbeat, labour TENS machines for pain relief in labour, and Spectra breast pumps.

Bali Kids Guide is a new online portal providing information, travel tips, recommendations and reviews to families in Bali. Whether a family lives in Bali already, or is one of the millions of visitors to Bali each year, Bali Kids Guide will be their one-stop destination for all the information they need.

Our fledgling brand, Siliconia, will deliver new trends in silicone homeware solutions, leveraging the power of the Amazon.com juggernaut.

Coming Soon...

Currently in the works, Pumpables will be the place to find all the bits and pieces pumping mums need!


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